Denim For Days

Denim For Days

Finding the perfect denim wash can be a daunting choice due to the fact there are so many denim colours to choose from! In this blog, we aim to demystify how to choose the perfect denim wash.

How to Choose the Perfect Colour Denim

Denim washes are mostly about personal preference but choosing a wash that is flattering can set you on the path to choosing the perfect pair of denim jeans for you.

Dark washes – if you’re going to invest in one pair of jeans then we would highly recommend that you make it a dark wash denim. Dark washes are super flattering to all shapes and sizes because they give a slimming effect. They’re versatile too which means they’ll match most colour tops and shoes. And you can take them from day to night without too much fuss. You will find you get the most wear out of your dark denim jeans, like our High Rise Black Skinny Jean.

Medium washes – medium wash denim is also very flattering and an easy shade to wear on your legs. They’re versatile too which means that you’ll get lots of wear out of this popular hue. You need to be careful with fading on mid-blue denim. It’s important to check that the jeans you choose are faded in all the right places. Why not try our High Rise Mid Wash Skinny Jean.

Light washes – light wash denim is one of the harder shades to choose as it can be unflattering. Lighter denim colours can give the appearance of larger legs and some can appear see through, especially white. If you are going to choose a lighter colour denim then we suggest choosing a sturdier fabric, like our Boyfriend Vintage Denim Jean. Sturdier fabrics eliminate any of the common issues with lighter washes. Lighter denim provides a more casual look, particularly in the warmer months like Spring and Summer.

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