Step Out In A Jumpsuit This Party Season

Step Out In A Jumpsuit This Party Season

In this blog we cover a few of the basics about how to style a jumpsuit. Because let's face it - jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a statement style! The all in one piece creates a stylish look that moves beyond the traditional dress or pants and top combo. Not only do they look terrific but they're also practical for the busy mum who wants to look great this party season, but let's face it, still has to chase the kids around.

How To Style A Jumpsuit

Accessorise! It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that jumpsuits are easy to accessorise because they're just one piece. Choosing the wrong accessories, or none at all, can make the outfit look unstylish. To keep things looking fresh, pay particular attention to your shoes, jewellery and belt. The goal is to find accessories that break up the piece and highlight it at the same time. By adding a belt you are defining your waist in a flattering way. Try matching your shoes and belt for a well put together look.

Layering is Key! The simplest way to layer a jumpsuit is to add something on top or underneath. For formal settings try adding a blazer or more structured jacket over the top. A leather jacket is great for a more casual events or daytime wear. Similarly, adding a top underneath will create a more casual look for your jumpsuit. Try a plain fitted t-shirt or an off the shoulder top, like our Off Shoulder Lace Top.

Your Hair Style! There's no hard and fast rule about how you should wear your hair with a jumpsuit. Although, as a general rule a more relaxed hair style tends to compliment a casual look and vice versa. Casual jumpsuits, like our Pattern Jumpsuit, tend to reveal more skin and wearing your hair out can help to balance the look. Formal jumpsuits, which tend to have sleeves and a higher neckline lend themselves nicely to an up do.

You never know, by following our style guide, jumpsuits might become your new wardrobe staple. We hope we were able to provide you with a bit of inspiration.

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