Lights... Camera... Action

Lights... Camera... Action

In this blog we take you behind the scenes of our August photo shoot. Photo shoot days are the days we most look forward to every month! Have you ever wondered what we get up to on shoot day? Here’s a rundown…

Behind The Scenes Of Our August Photo Shoot

6.45am – hair and makeup. The fabulous Michelle Cato from Michelle Cato Makeup arrives and gets busy setting up. Michelle and our model, Kristina, get busy with hair and makeup. I pack the car with outfits and accessories.

8.00am – on location. This month we meet up with our very talented photographer Nicole De Rooy from Nicole De Rooy Photography on a car park roof! Each month we shoot all of our outfits on location. This can be anywhere from lane ways to coastal pools and car park roofs to parkland. We always have a general area mapped out however we spend most of our time walking around finding secret spots as we go. This means outfit changes generally happen in the car!

8:30am – car park roof. This month there were gusty winds forecast for our shoot day so we had a few sheltered spots planned. We were lucky enough to start before the wind picked up. When it did we ventured inside a car park at a local shopping center. It’s amazing what you find when you stop and look around – spring blooms, funky concrete walls, stairs and enclosed ramps with the beautiful morning light shining through.

9:30am – street time. When we’d exhausted all of the spots we could find in the car park, we ventured out onto the street. We found an opening between two office buildings that led to a park. The girls found a painted brick wall to shoot against while I moved the car closer for the next outfit change. Time to shoot our spring dresses.

10:30am – lane way magic. After the park, we headed off on foot to find some spring blooms but we found a gorgeous lane way and cafe instead. We loved it so much that we stayed a while. By the time we found a beautiful rose garden to shoot in the sun was too high in the sky and we decided to call it a day.

11:30am – it’s a wrap! Time to head home, unpack the car and get ready for tomorrow when we shoot our website images against a white wall.

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