Winter to Spring Outfits

Winter to Spring Outfits

Winter fashion brings with it a sense of feeling cosy and warm. So, it can be hard to give it up as we transition closer to spring and summer. The key to being able to extend your wardrobe further into the warmer months is to slowly drop the layers.

In no time at all, you’ll go from wearing your favourite frock with tights and boots to pairing it back with sandals and a sun hat. Here's our 3 fave winter to spring outfits.

Layered Knitwear

There’s nothing better than cosying up in a luxe knit during winter. So much so, it can be hard to give it up come spring. Late winter is the time to be investing in more lightweight knits and cardigans. They’re the perfect transitional piece because they can be layered over a tee to keep you warm during the cooler parts of the day. But it’s great to have the option to pop it back on during cooler mornings and nights.

Our Rosie Cardigan is perfect layered over comfy tee.

Short Hem Dresses

Many of us still love to wear dresses during winter however tend to opt for maxi style dresses because they provide better coverage when it’s cold. Now is the time to be transitioning back to shorter hem lines and pairing them with tights and boots while it’s still cold. As the days warm up you can ditch the tights and switch to flats or sandals instead.

The pop of colour in our Amelia Dress is perfect as we head towards spring/summer.


Kimonos are the ultimate layering piece! They’re perfect for dressing up your favourite denim jeans and long sleeve tee through the cooler months. Or style with shorts and over dresses through spring and summer. Kimonos truly are the all-year rounder!

You won’t regret investing in our best-selling Estelle Kimono in Floral Navy.

Floral Navy Kimono

Have fun layering your winter and spring wardrobes! And enjoy putting your own touch on these everyday outfits.

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