About Chasing Case

Remember the days before motherhood?

Where getting ready for work meant choosing an outfit that could go from corporate to cocktails. You were stylish. You were coordinated. Shopping for clothes was a carefree joy. 


Fast forward to this morning’s reality...

Grab yesterday’s jeans from the floor. Somewhere in the pile of washing is that top you like; the one that goes with everything. The one that hasn’t got paint and pasta stains on it. Find your shoes. Grab the keys, kids in the car. Done and off we go.


And then you catch a glimpse in the mirror...

This outfit isn’t how you pictured it. The person in the mirror doesn’t look like you. Where’s the put together woman you used to be? And from deep within your soul, come the words you’ve been dreading to say out loud. I NEED NEW CLOTHES!

For many mums, clothes shopping isn’t top of our To Do list. We spend our days looking after everyone else and forget to look after ourselves. Finding the time to wander through our favourite store is time we no longer have.


Which is why I started Chasing Case.

I know what it’s like – to move from work world to mum world. 4 years ago I went from corporate life, consulting to organisations to being a mum, consulting with a team of one. I thought I was busy before, but nothing prepared me for how all-consuming being a mum is.

When my little one started rolling around on the floor and crawling, I wanted to be down on the floor with her, watching her, encouraging her. When she was ready for a nap, I wanted to head on out and grab a coffee for some grown-up conversation. I needed clothes that could easily transition from one event in my day to the next.

So, I started ordering clothes on-line. I spent hours trawling sites, trying to find the clothes I wanted; good quality, comfortable, stylish and affordable. In those first couple of months, I became good friends with the local courier driver as he delivered regularly. I’d get excited at his arrival, only to be disappointed when I opened the package – poor presentation, poor quality, poor fit. As a fashion forward mum, I knew I could do better and provide to others, what I had needed to find. And so here we are.


Why shop at Chasing Case?

Chasing Case is the site to come to when you want to look good and feel great. Where you can find practical fashion with a modern edge. Where you can shop to your hearts content from the comfort of your couch.

Whether you’re sitting on the floor with your little one, or heading to playgroup. A mother’s group meeting in the park or the weekly food shopping. Chasing Case has the right outfit for the right occasion. We're different from your average Australian brands for women, our clothes are about practical, everyday fashion that works for you.


Chasing Case is about giving mums stylish and affordable options.

It’s about remembering who you were before children. The joy you got from buying something new, for you. When the courier knocks on your door with a Chasing Case purchase, you know it’s a present to yourself – wrapped with care, from me to you.

Whatever life throws at you today – catch it with a smile, because you know you’ll look amazing.