Styling Stripes

Styling Stripes

Stripes are a classic style that have been around for decades. They are a versatile enough style that they can be used to either create a more casual look for daytime wear or turn them into a more dressed up look for going out.

How to Style Stripes for a Casual Look

Stripes are considered more neutral of a print when compared to other print styles out there. Therefore, they can be paired with many different things to give it a more laid back and casual appearance.

Our Striped Pocket Tee, for example, can be worn with tailored shorts and a denim jacket in Spring or can be paired with a pair of denim jeans and flats on cooler days.

To keep the look casual, keep it simple. For example, pair stripes with sneakers and a simple necklace. Or even pair them with a patterned skirt for a bit more fun and personality.

How To Style Stripes for a Dressed-Up Look

For a more dressed up look with your striped shirt, like the Roll Cuff Short Sleeve Tee, you can think outside the box, and you will be confronted with a plethora of style choices.

Stripes can easily be dressed up by layering with a button-down shirt. Or pair with a blazer, your favourite heels and statement accessories. You can also add black pants to make the stripes stand out more.

The possibilities really are endless; we hope we were able to provide you with a bit of inspiration.

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